UKAD offers Clean Sport Top-up Webinars Ahead of Tokyo 2020

Clean Sport education webinars available for longlisted Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the run-up to the postponed summer games

The countdown to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo has been reset. Now with roughly a year to go until the Games begin, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) is offering a series of webinars for elite athletes to brush up on their Clean Sport knowledge ahead of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Games. 

From 17th August to 15th October, UKAD will be hosting 30 webinars covering 10 topics, all of which focuses on Clean Sport education including the importance of checking medications, the ins and outs of testing and athlete rights, and responsibilities in clean sport.

The 20-minute sessions delivered via Zoom will utilise polls, Q&A, case studies and scenarios to create an engaging online learning experience. It is the chance for elite athletes who have been longlisted for Tokyo 2020 to recap on their Clean Sport education.

All longlisted elite athletes are invited to join and gain an understanding on how to keep sport clean during the Games.

UKAD is working with National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to deliver targeted sessions specifically to those participating in the Games next summer. Athletes are encouraged to contact the NGB for their sport to sign up for the webinars.

Each webinar will be available on three separate occasions - all of which are optional. The athletes put forward by their NGB will have the opportunity to select their preferred date and topics.

Further information on the webinars’ schedule and topics is available below.

Schedule of webinars
Clean Sport Top-Up Webinar Schedule


Topic 1: The Clean Sport Landscape

Overview of the governance of clean sport locally and globally. Ensuring that athletes are aware of the organisations involved and how this governance will filter down to the athlete.

Topic 2: Strict Liability & Principles of 100% me

Discussion around what strict liability is and how that links to clean sport. Led by Laura Deas, athletes will look at case studies and athlete experience to show the importance and link between values, strict liability and clean sport.

Topic 3: Prohibited List, Checking medications & Global DRO

Re-cap session on how to use the Prohibited list and Global DRO when checking medications at home or overseas. The webinar will provide top tips for getting into the habit of checking medications and the importance of understanding what’s going into your body.

Topic 4: Clean Sport healthy habits - Food First

An overview of the concept of food first with a brief look at how to adopt this approach. The webinar will provide helpful examples on understanding athletes dietary needs and encourage athletes to build healthier habits rather than turn to supplements.

Topic 5: Supplements & Informed Sport

Insight into the risks associated with supplements, referring to Topic 4. The webinar will include case study examples to highlight the consequences and impact of supplement use. Whilst providing a re-cap on ANARAC and tools to mitigate risk.

Topic 6: Testing Process & Procedures

An interactive session on what to expect when being tested, the process (including procedure changes due to COVID-19) and links to Anti-Doping Rules Violations. Callum Skinner will also give insight into his experiences first-hand.

Topic 7: Athlete Rights & Responsibilities

Informative webinar that provides information for athletes on their rights and responsibilities in testing and generally as an athlete. The session includes information on the Athletes Right act and provides an easy way for athletes to remember their rights and responsibilities. 

Topic 8: TUEs - What, Why and When

Webinar session looking into; What are TUEs, why athletes need them and what is the criteria for a TUE. Ensuring athletes are aware of the key steps and tools available to support them in understanding their responsibilities when linked to TUEs.

Topic 9: Consequences and Sanctions

Engaging webinar re-capping on the Anti-Doping Rule Violations and what they mean. With the use of case studies and FAQs to provide a detailed understanding of the sanctions linked to these ADRVs and consequences resulting from violating these rules.

Topic 10: Protecting Your Sport

Final webinar providing information on what it means to protect your sport, how athletes can do this and what this may mean to them. Ali Jawad will talk about the anonymity within reporting and provide insight into how collectively we can work together to keep sport clean.